Cremation with Service of Remembrance

A Cremation with a Service of Remembrance (Memorial) includes minimum services of the funeral director and staff, transfer of deceased, refrigeration, cremation, minimum alternative container, utility urn and staff services for the memorial service.

Minimum Services of the Funeral Director & Staff         $805.00
Transfer of Deceased from Place of Death                       $400.00
Courier Service                                                                 $200.00
Refrigeration                                                                     $200.00*
Cremation Fee                                                                   $200.00
Staff Services for Memorial Service                                 $600.00
Service Vehicle                                                                 $200.00
                                      Sub-Total                                                      $2,605.00
Minimum Container                                                           $90.00**
                                             Total                                                       $2,695.00***

* Refrigeration:  It is the policy of our firm to require refrigeration on an unembalmed body after the first 24 hours, as required by Colorado Law. Each additional day after 48 hours of refrigeration will be charged at the rate of $ 50.00 per day or a portion thereof.

**  Minimum plastic utility urn included in this charge.  Purchase of any other urn would be additional.

***  A (per-day) facility charge may be added depending upon the location of the memorial service.