Graveside Service with Visitation

A Graveside Service with Visitation includes minimum services of the funeral director and staff, transfer of deceased, embalming and preparation, use of the funeral coach, staff services for visitation and coordination and direction of the graveside service.

Minimum Services of the Funeral Director & Staff        $1,780.00
Transfer of Deceased from Place of Death                        $400.00
Courier Service                                                                  $200.00
Embalming                                                                        $600.00
Other Preparation of Deceased                                         $250.00
Staff Services for Visitation (Per-Day)                            $350.00*
Coordination & Direction of Graveside Service              $600.00
Use of Funeral Coach                                                       $350.00
Service Vehicle                                                                $200.00
                                                            Sub-Total                            $4,730.00**
                      Minimum Casket                                        $570.00
                                                           Total                                     $5,300.00

* A (per-day) facility charge may be added depending upon the location of the scheduled visitation

** Plus Casket