Funeral Service with Visitation Followed by Shipping

A Traditional Funeral Service with Visitation and Ship Out includes minimum services of the funeral director and staff, transfer of deceased, embalming and preparation, staff services for visitation/funeral service, use of the funeral coach, standard shipping unit and transportation of the casket to the airport.

Minimum Services for the Funeral Director & Staff          $1,580.00
Transfer of Deceased from Place of Death                            $400.00
Courier Service                                                                      $200.00
Embalming                                                                             $600.00
Other Preparation of Deceased                                              $250.00
Staff Service for Funeral Service in Facility of Choice         $600.00**
Staff Service for Visitation (Per Day)                                    $350.00*
Funeral Coach                                                                        $350.00
Service Vehicle                                                                      $200.00
Transportation to Airport                                                       $400.00
                                                                           Sub-Total                   $4,930.00***
                            Minimum Casket                                       $570.00
            Standard Shipping Unit for Casket                            $158.00
                                                                           Total                           $5,658.00

* A (per-day) facility charge may be added depending upon the location of the scheduled visitation

** A (per-day) facility charge may be added depending upon the location of the funeral service

*** Plus Casket